marți, 25 iunie 2013

tattoo's time

Hello folks, how are you? It's almost morning and I'm not sleepy at all 'cuz of those cappucinos&coke I drank. Of course, I'm learning for bac and it's fuckin' boring. Btw, have you ever thought of making a tattoo? If yes, what type, if not, why not? :)) As for me, I've always wanted one and when I was young I used to stick on my hands thousands of fake tattoos from those cheap chewing-gums. Not so long ago I've found two tattoos that I'd totally love to have. This photo cam would be amazing on my wrist, I'd totally try it on. I've thought of making a one month of half a year tattoo for beggining 'cuz I'm that type of person who gets bored quickly on something. I mean... look at how frequently I change my blog's style. So yea, these are the types of tattoos I'd like to have (both of them in the same time^^).

I've even tryied my best drawing a star with a pen :))

2 comentarii:

αχу spunea...

Si eu ador tatuajele, dar nu stiu daca as avea curajul sa-mi fac unul stiind ca e permanent si o sa fie acolo toata viata...XD Desi mi-ar place ceva semnificativ, un citat or somethin`. XD Sau sunt tatuajele acelea de pe spate, mari. =P~ Absolut geniale, mai ales daca-s lucrate fain si-s asa, mai finute [adica nu tot spatele plin de cerneala :))]. Ma gandesc ca daca as incepe cu un tatuaj, nu m-as lasa pana nu mi-as face mai multe.:))

Myuuki spunea...

De-asta si eu as alege unul pentru maxim un an.

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