marți, 25 iunie 2013

roller blades skills

You know that I totally ADORE roller blades, right? Well, even if I learned some tricks few years ago I mostly concentrated myself on just walking or running. In the meanwhile my rolls have become old and from all my jumps & falls they look like they've been in the the 2ndWAR. Here, have a look:

Because it's summer and the weather it's so good, rolls are just perfect for some weight lose and for having fun. While you're just walking around, why not to try something awesome? Look at this guy, he's completely insane. :X I LOOOVE the way his feet move here and there like this and like that. As for me, I think with everyday practice you can be that good. When I was younger I used to get out with roller blades every single day of the year, exept those cold snowy days in winter. When I'm with rolls I feel more comfortable than with my own feet. :)) Two years ago I used to go everywhere with rolls, even at school. I used to mock my boyfriend, 'cuz he didn't know how to use them. And then I tryied to teach him, but he was completely awkward and he gave up after 30 min. :))

 Here are some basics for slaloms:

It's good that DECATHLON has it's opening in my town this month, 'cuz I love this shop. It has everything, every little thing for every big dream. I'm gonna take some new rolls, 'cuz God knows how much I've used these and I need some new ones.
So, what about you? How do you like roller blades or some other sports?


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