marți, 25 iunie 2013

sun's bloody death

the sun is slowly killing the moon,
throwing the knife trought her skinny back.
he's kissin' her full of bloody wine lips,
searching slowly the way to her heart.
love, he wisphers into her small ear,
i've missed you like hell misses heaven.
i'm the enormous Lucifer,
i'm the hell and with me you'll find your heaven.
she suddently opens her eyes,
they're red like him's and they'll emply like him's,
but her head is full of memories that he can't acces.
while she's getting his pleasure,
her body's quicky turning back
her eyes are full of darkness,
her lips are full of blood.
nothing would matter if she'd agree with her fate,
but she's strong now and she's pulling her hand into his;
her mouth's on his neck, her hand's on his body,
her kiss is just pain, her mind is in love
in love with the sadness, just like a demon.
she's more than him, more than the sky,
she's the moon, the love in his eye.
nowhere she goes, eating his heart,
the sun is now dead, the moon is alive.

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