luni, 24 iunie 2013

they are back back back!

Maaaan, I can't believe they're back! They've been singin' so many times since 2012 when they officially returned and they even had a WORLD tour ANCAFESTA '12 SUMMER DIVE and I had no fuckin' idea. I am such a bad fan, how could I not know about their come back? I mean... they had a break in 2009 and I was so so so sad hearing that. But now that they're together again... MAN, I'm definitely going to one of their concerts. They're the love of my life, the main reason for loving Japan. I mean... only look at Miku (down, center) and you know why I'm myself called like that. :X Fuck me, this is the BEST news in the last years. So fuckin' happy me!


the girl with the best smile

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