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[poveste+de-ale mele] Ghost's river

Detest stresul de dinainte de ceva. Pe langa o lucrare la istorie pentru care nu am invatat nimic, am o simulare de bac la meditatie. Pe langa scoala, unde si asa nu facem nimic, mai am si meditatia la logica. Pe langa astea, nu am chef sa fac nimic. Time out. I want to switch the user. Can I?
Pe langa astea, am stat aseara pana tarziu sa scriu o mini-povestioara pentru engleza care avea un final tampit dat: "Despite everything that had happened, Harry thought it had been one of the best days of his life".
Da, initial am vrut sa scriu despre cum Harry trece printr-o serie de evenimente care il aduc moartea [sunt tare sadica zilele astea:))], dar nu se putea, pentru ca pam-pam-pam, Harry trebuia sa afirme ca asta a fost cea mai tare zi din viata lui. Am dat-o cotita si l-am facut pe Harry sa se intalneasca cu o fantoma si aproape sa moara inecat intr-un rau. :)) Dar hei, l-am si salvat!
Am scris vreo 5 pagini de caiet mic la povestea asta, echivalentul a o pagina jumatate de word. Scrisesem povestea in PC pentru ca pur si simplu nu am nicio idee atunci cand e sa scriu cu pixul in caiet. Nu m-am asteptat ca o pagina si jumatate de word sa fie asa mult...
Si nu i-a convenit divei, m-a pus sa-i fac si niste exerciti de gramatica. Si am gresit, evident, ca in timpul scurt pe care mi l-a dat nici n-am putut sa recitesc raspunsurile pe care le-am scris. Si mi-a dat 9. Mdeah. Ma mir ca nu a comentat la text.
Povestea este right here. Era tarziu aseara si am uitat ca trebuia sa pun ghilimele in loc de linie de dialog, dar...

"Harry woke up early that day. He had never been so excited before. It was his eleventh birthday and his parents had already promised him that they’d buy the bike he wanted.
As I was saying, Harry has woken up early and after his parents congratulations, he took his bike and ran away of the city. As he was climbing one of the hills that covered the city, he suddently saw a big light hiding behing of a tree. He stopped and looked stright ahead. There was something like a child there and he decided to go ask him to play with.
When he reached the tree, he saw it was really a child at his age and, smiling to him, Harry asked him what was he doing there all by himself. The other boy responded quickly:
– I am waiting for someone to play with me!
Harry looked surprised but he told the other child he could play his bike.
– My name is Andrew! yelled the other boy while he was playing around in some circles with Harry’s bike.
– I’m Harry! Where are you from?
Harry was standing under the tree’s shadow, having a little rest.
– I’m from Winchester.
– No way! Harry exclaimed. That’s so far away from Plymoth. How did you get here?
– I was trying to find my family...
– Where is your family?
– Underground.
Harry started to think the guy in front if him might be crazy.
– Are you not human?
– I am human, but my parents are dead.
– Then why did you come here, and how?
– They were coming here few months ago, to visit some in-laws. But they never got back.
Andrew was almost starting to cry and Harry felt bad for him.
– Aren’t you hungry? Come to my house!
– I am not.
Harry was becoming more and more frightened.
– You should go home, don’t you have some in-laws from where you come?
– I don’t, I have never met any of them.
– Then you know where exactly were your parents coming?
– Somewhere in Plymouth. But Harry, why are you so annoying, let’s just play!
Even if Harry was a little bit scared of his new friend, he quickly forgot about fear and started to play. They were climbing the hills, walking on the ground, climbing the trees, when suddently they found a river.
– Let’s cross the river, Andrew said enthusiastic.
Harry was not so sure they can do it, the river was flowing quickly and he had never done this before, but Andrew convinced him to do it. They slowly came down the river and as Andrew was first, he started to jump from stone to stone, until he reached the other side. Harry was trying to do the same thing as Andrew and as he tried to jump, he fall right in the middle of the river.
He started to scream for help and look for Andrew, but Andrew was nowhere.
– Andrew! Andrew! Someone, please, help!
Harry was scared of death when a man working on the field heard him and ran after him. Fighting with the waves, the man managed to save him. When Harry got safely out of the water, he was shaking of fear and coldness and that man gave him a blanket to cover with.
– Where are your parents?
– In P-P-Playmouth... said Harry while was body was trembling.
– Let’s get you home, said that man.
– But there was a child...
– In the river? said the man scared.
– No, on the other side of the river, gived Harry details.
– Oh, no... there is no child there, smiled the man. It’s only a ghost.
– A ghost?!
Harry was really alarmed.
– Few months ago a child has died in the river, we found his body on the afloat. Since then, a lot of children were attracted to the river.
The man stopped for a second. When he started again, hee seemed amused:
– All of them releaved the same story as you: a child taking them to cross the river. Listen to me carefully, said that man, you should never come near by, do you understand me?
Harry nodded with a serious face.
– Let’s get you home, said the man smiling.
When the night come and Harry was back home safe and sound, he thought that despite everything that had happened, that was one of the best days of his life."

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