vineri, 5 decembrie 2014


Hey, pretty young girl
What are you doing in the forest alone
So far from all beings?

Hey, handsome boy, come here!
Let us pick some flowers
in this forest together!

I am not a boy, I am the bad wolf
In the woods I hunt
Hunt for the flower of your youth
Well, wolf, let us play a game
Let us dance a joyful dance
Let us sing decent songs!

I don't like children's games
I like playing sinister wolf games
In the depths of the forest, with you

Wild wolf, do whatever your heart longs for
But I beg you: Stay with me!

No, girl, I'm not staying with you and don't love you!
Never loved you!

I was a fair and pretty girl
Now I'm poor and overcome with shame

Now only the deep pond awaits me

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