joi, 8 august 2013

dinner at 4 a.m.

It's been a while since I woke up with this taste to eat in the middle of the night. Think this way: it's 4 a.m., I'm in the summer holiday, no school, no appointment tomorrow (even if I kinda miss B.'s English lessons; maybe I'm gonna have some when A. will be home and we'll go together), I can sleep until 4 p.m., so... why not? Dinner at 4 a.m., just perfect.
Being a little more sleepy than usual, I went to the refrigerator with my eyes half-closed and as I was opening it's door, I hit my nose. Haha! Now I was awake enough to cook something. The problem was: what to eat? An egg? Yea, it could be good, near a cold yougurt or some pickles. Mhm, so I've tried it. Went to the stove, opened it, put the frying pan, some oil and the egg, cooked the egg but think: hey, I want a tea, let's make a tea! I've put some water to boil and... went to my room to eat the egg while watching an episode from Sex and the City.
Well, as the time was passing by, I totally forgot about the tea. And just 5 minutes ago I went to drink some water and... I suddenly remember about that damn tea. There was no water anymore (obvious) and the repicient was almost dark. I was like: man, somebody push push push the button off! Mhm, I've closed the stove, I've opened the cooker hood, opened all the windows, put the recipient to his place and... slowly went back to my room.
If somebody's gonna ask tomorrow what the hell happened, I'm just gonna say that we were visited by some hungry aliens and they might be mistaken the hour: they wanted a 5 o'clock tea, but in the night.

Goog night folks,

P.S. I should close the cooker hood now, right? :3 [aaaand it's already 6 a.m. :\]

2 comentarii:

Ramona spunea...

Am patit-o si eu de multe ori, exact asa.

Myuuki spunea...

O data eram cu taica-meo in bucatarie. Am dat foc la hota. Impreuna:))
Deci se poate si la scara mare:))

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