marți, 26 august 2014

things i hate

# i hate when i tell something to someone and they say: oh, we shall do that, we must fulfill your curiosity. my dear hatred dude, you are not new. you have nothing special. if you had, then you'd see my interest in you.

# i hate when i have to lie in order not to break someone's heart. Red has this pleasure to break people's hearts. i can't. of course, my caring is not infinite. if you insist, i will chop every piece of you and make you wish you'd never met me. or just hate me. easier.

# i hate when people try to become just like you in order to make you like them. stay yourself. that would make others love you.

# i hate when the night is over and the sun comes up and i have to sleep. i hate that summer's almost over.

# i hate i didn't read anything in the past 3 weeks. i didn;t feel like reading, though, i don't really regret it.

# i hate i've discovered an amazing sweetshop right before my leaving.

# i hate when i am obliged to learn something. i want to do it all by myself.

# i hate that i don't really hate all these things, but just dislike them in a way of indifference.


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