joi, 26 decembrie 2013

saddness for free

I've observed this Christmas a lot of sad people. Exept kids and a very few young fellows, I would say that this Christmas everyone was at least "not in their mood".

Then... is this a period when we achieve more stress than happiness?
What should we do?
Well, that's a silly question, we can not do anything, because this is not a exterior hit where we can erase the blood and put some medicine. No, we don't have enough medicine. We're in a run to catch an ilusion and we keep falling over and over and we're not able to stop, because someone else is driving our lives. 

For how long? Is there a moment when we can say "this is my life"?

Yesterday (or the night before yesterday, I can't remember) I thought this should be the end. Nothing more to do. I did all I did and now I don't have what to play anymore. I thought: look at these, how happy and uncounsciouss are they, but... but they're not.

Why are we all faking our lives? Do we want to create another world?

While not knowing what we want, what we do, what we feel, sadness is a constant presence in our lives. You don't even need a ticket at it's show. Sadness is for free.


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