joi, 26 decembrie 2013

Red's love for Satan

One day Red said he loves Satan.
I raised my eyes as big as a cow's and wondered.
He smiled and said it's not an evil Satan,
but a loving and conscious one.
"Red", I said, "tell me what you really love".
His eyes slowly closed
His arms on my shoulders
His chin on my forehead
And I could have lived like this all my eternity.
"His creepy eyes, his strong arms, his dark sight", Red answered me.
Then, he looked into my eyes,
and told me with an unfamiliar wave
"You're Satan, Satan is my love
You always wring blood out of my heart,
And your palms recreate it again and again.
You always tear my soul out,
You're the Satan I love".
My burning tears went away night after night,
until I realised he became my Satan.
And we both became devils,
night after night
we devored love and love devored us.
"Trust me, Red,
I see love when I close my eyes,
I'm full now, I want to stop"
He looked at me with a scared gaze,
And we thrown out our bloody hearts.

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