luni, 30 decembrie 2013

i want my books!!!

So I've been spending all my time procrastinating this vacation.
Today I was thinking how should I arrange my room (I have this kinda of obssesion of getting bored and desiring to change the place of things in my room) and I've realised how many books I have and I started to count them. It seems that I have bought by myself no less than 205 books in the last 5 years and there are more than 300 in my parents' old bookcase. I think I have about 20 at Bucharest so the number easily increase to 600 books. I feel amazed about this fact, 'cuz it's not only me but my parents who bought and read a lot of books and I feel kinda proud of them. I mean... for the God's sake, there are 600 books!
We must take into consideration that we moved about 200 to countryside, because we didn't have enough space here (and also because I am allergic to dust and books keep in time a lot of dust).
Isn't this amazing? One day I'll get all these books into a room (you know guys, one of my biggest dreams is to have a big house with a big library, with colourful sofas and... stuff like so :]]) and I'll make special shelves for and... I'll just take them one by one and read and read and read.
And I also have a big problem, 'cuz I want to take all of them with me (wherever you goooo, I will comeee - dizzydizzydizzy), but that's a lot impossible, first because in Bucharest I don't have a bookcase.
By the way, here you have just a few photos with the bookcase from my room. :)


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