sâmbătă, 19 octombrie 2013

13 all over again

I didn't like 13 when I had 13 for real. I was in the 7th grade and my generation had some national tests and in the second semester of the school year I took a 6 which upset all my family. Of course, it didn't bother me that much back then, but you all know how stupid parents can be just because they want no kid to be better than their own. Anyways, 13 was the age when I also started to write, had my very first "love" relationship, started to think with my own head for real (that was because at that moment, considering my parent's desires, I started to lie to them to get what I want; quick ask for parents: would't it be better to try understand your kid, not try to force him to do things he doesn't like? because, you know, it's a natural thing in human mental to hide things we do, if others don't agree)

Anyways, last night I dreamed I was 13 again, but only at the age, because I was actually still at University. I was looking just like now, you know, bangs, childish but dark style & stuff. I was at some sort of party and I was chatting with two girls and two guys. As in dreams, I was quicky sent to another plan, where those I was just talking to were somewhere in the other part of the room, and I was sitting on the floor and right in my face a tall&blonde&blue eyes guy hugged me. I was like: who the heck are you? O_O Someone walked nearby and asked me: "hey, how old are you?" and I answered "13" - that's why I say it was kinda weird, 'cuz I was looking like now, but I was having 13. However, that blonde&blue eyes guy watched me as I was starring to him, çause I was trying to figure out who he is. It was like I knew him and I even liked or loved him (in the limits of a dream) but I did not know him.

Okay, now, analising the dream, I can say the fact that I was looking like now but I was 13 might come from the other fact that people in real life tell me that I look very very young/small. You'd say about the tall&blonde&blue eyes guy it's my type, but in real life it's quite the opposite. What comes next in the dream... this is tabu.


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