joi, 27 iunie 2013

to the seaside she says!

I woke up this morning with the need to learn. To learn. ME, having a big desire to learn. Niiiiiiice, I would say. 4 more days 'till the first day of the final exams and I'm freaking out. No, I'm not afraid of exams, I want to skip them and run to the seaside. Oh yea! I can't wait anymore to feel the breeze though my body, to feel all the cold water in the morning, to feel the hot sunshines warming my skin. I've missed them so much in the last years... and I also want to capture the breaking down & the sunset. God, I really want to take thousand of photos to these two beautiful crepuscular moments. I'm so so so so excited about it. Mamma mia! <3

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