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Forgiven - quote

Mai jos este un fragment dintr-o nuvela ce-am scris-o pentru o carte ce va aparea...candva. Nu o pot posta integral tocmai pentru ca nu stiu daca proiectul cartii va fi vreodata dus la final. Nu este corectata, e prima varianta scrisa. Nici macar nu e varianta finala, s-ar putea sa o modific in viitor. Nu se stie...

« Unexpectedly I felt a big, big disgust to him. I couldn’t believe he is my father.
He found that I was staring at him and he coughed. I turned my eyes to the food in front of me. When we finished the dinner, he talked.
‘I have an announce for you.’
I glanced up. What could it be? I met my mother’s sight, who was frightened. An icicle struck my heart. My mom was looking bad. Her face was damn white and I become nervous. What could it be? ‘Talk, for the God’s sake, talk!’ I was praying in my mind.
‘We have a collapse.’
Pause again. I was getting mad.
‘I lost a lot of money in my last investment, and we must do something to get a big sum from somewhere.’
I was stunned. What was he going to do? Mo mother’s face was white as dead.
‘Alice is too young,’ he went on, ‘but you are not. You have already nineteen, and you are the eldest of my children. You are going to inherit all my fortune.’
I stopped breathing.
‘I have chosen a girl. Your marriage is going to be this Sunday.’
‘What?’ me and my mom exclaimed. He watched us angry.
‘This is what I have decided. All the preparation will be done until this Sunday. Tomorrow, your next wife will come here with her family. You have to treat her well, we don’t want to loose her. Ethan,’ said my father loudly, ‘listen to me. We need this money. We need this girl. You will be kind and good with her, so she can get in love with you.’
He stood up and left.
My hands were closed in fists.
My breath was hasty.
What should I have done? I could not do anything. I was tied and bound. Nobody could stay up in front of my father, neither did I.
I left into the library and I took the first book I saw. I read and re-read the title for hundred of times, but I can not remember it. I was realy, realy mad. How could he make me responsible for his problems? Why should I have pay for them?
A lot of questions came into my head that evening, but I could not manage them. Late in the night I heard the door was opening by someone. The light was lower, because I took only one candle, but soon I recognized the steps. Those lightweight and fast steps…
When I glanced up, I saw her staying there, in front of me. My heart was pounding loudly. She came to me, and started to stroke my face.
‘Let’s go!’ I told her. ‘Let’s go to Paris or Berlin, I bet nobody will recognize you.’
She silently laughed.
‘Then what? What is going to happen to us?’
She quickly interrupted me:
‘I prefer to die than to leave this place.’
I was confused.
‘You will die for real if we’ll stay here!’ I said angrily. ‘It doesn’t matter what we’ll be doing after, we have to go now!’
‘Ethan, you don’t understand. We can not go, my dear. Can’t you see? I love you, but you have to save our family’s name.’
‘To save it! You ruined it! I love you Caroline, I love you and I need you. Don’t tell me about our family’s name. We already slandered it!’
‘Calm down, don’t raise your voice, everybody will hear.’ »

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